Our business is about the commercialization of eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable capsules varying from tea brews and coffee that are used in coffee machines.
Our goal is to contribute with environmental sustainability by selling quality products while keeping in mind our planet's future.
Our strength is backed up by the openness of our products towards every culture and tradition, making it available to everyone, thanks to the ease of use and quickness of its preparation.
By choosing to support our project, also, you will be able to benefit numerous promotions of our products, that will be given throughout the year in the form of enticing discounts.


Our company, Ethical cups srl, is founded by 22 partners with a capital of 41.500 €, it's a commercial enterprise is based in Parma in Viale Maria Luigia 9.
It was established in November 2021, trading coffee machines, capsules, infusions and tea.
Our idea comes from the desire to offer sustainable products on the market, with ecological and biodegradable capsules and using packaging Mater-Bi ® a set of bioplastics completely biodegradable and compostable with which are realized solutions and products with reduced environmental impact for everyday life.
In this way we want to contribute to improve the environmental aspect and living conditions within our company, because we strongly believe that ensuring higher wages eliminates social inequalities and that if employees find themselves working in a pleasant environment, a better product is therefore offered.
Our goal is also to control the supply chain of our suppliers, for ethical work, without exploitation and without violating human rights.
We try to convey this vision above all to the young people, who will be the future, and trying, in our own small way, to limit the phenomenon of unemployment.
Statistically, these products are among the most in demand and consumed, and especially in Italy they are an occasion of chatter between friends, relatives and colleagues.
Our products are therefore addressed to all individuals of all ages and to the different companies who love our flavors.